30. Aug 2009

Finally – the diy kit is in the shop

In terms of crafting I’ve been rather lazy these last months. But I finally managed to finish the diy kit and list it in the shop. After loosing quiet some stuff including the print files due to a hard drive crash it took me some time to recreate the instructions.

Handmade memo pockets in a row

But now it’s in the shop and I also added quiet a number of additional pattern and color options today:

Handmade memo pockets in a row

Handmade memo pockets in a row

If you want to see some finished memo pockets made from my diy kits, check out this blogpost on Dwaallicht’s blog (Thanx Liesan!) or these photos by Sandrine (Thanx so much dear!).

Handmade memo pockets in a row

The kit will let you make a small memo pocket with 5 compartments measuring approx. 5.6″ by 4.0″ (14.2 x 10.3 cm). Besides an illustrated step-by-step instruction each kit includes:
– Decorative paper for the cover
– Matching Cardstock sheets for the pockets
– Cardboard covers
– Bookbinding glue
– Glueing template
– Matching ribbon

In addition all you’ll need is a cutter, a cutting mat and a paint brush. You can find the diy kit here in my etsy shop – I will hopefully also soon finish the german instructions and reactivate my little Dawanda shop.

14. Dez 2008

and the winners are….

First let me say thank you soo much to everyone who commented for their wonderful feedback and input! It’s been fabulous to read and really exciting to find out, what you’d use your memo pockets for.

First DIY Kit ready to be shipped

I randomly drew 2 winners using random.org and the winners are Michael (Comment #5) and Judy (Comment #6). Congratulations Judy and Michael! Please send me your adress to kathrin (~at~) paperama (~dot~) de or via flickr mail.

First DIY Kits ready to be shipped

To everyone who didn’t win, thanx again for participating and if you’re interested check back once in a while for updates on the diy kit and info when it’s in the shop.

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8. Dez 2008

DIY Memo pockets kit – Give away

A few weeks back Sandrine put this idea in my head of making a do-it-yourself memo pockets craft kit.

Handmade memo pockets in a row

We had some discussions about it on flickr, I thought it through, then started to write down instructions and started to do tons of illustrations and…

DIY Memo pocket kit illustration

… finally this last weekend I put everything together – So I’m happy to say the memo pockets kit is (almost) finished – yeay!

Handmade memo pockets in a row

This kit is for a small memo pocket with 5 pockets:
Outside: 5 3/4″ by 4 1/4″ (14.5 x 10.5 cm)
Pockets: 5.6″ by 4.05″ (14.2 x 10.3 cm)

Besides illustrated step-by-step instructions each kit includes:
> Cardstock sheets for 5 pockets
> Cardboard covers
> Decorative paper for the cover
> Ribbon
> Bookbinding glue
> Glueing template

BUT, there’s still one very import thing missing: it needs to be tested and as I would probaby not be the best candidate, i thought I’d post a fab little testing give away!

The first kit – of course – goes to Sandrine for giving me the idea and lots of helpful feedback – thanx so much Sandrine! BUT I wanna give away 3, so there are 2 more for you to get!

So for your chance to get one of these kits, please leave a comment answering these 3 little questions until Sunday, Dec 14th 9pm GMT (5pm EST):

1) What would you use your memo pockets for?
2) What are your top 3 colour combinations from the above image?
3) What would be a fair price to sell this kit for?

Important: Please only participate if you agree to test the kit and give me some feedback how it worked for you within 4 weeks after you received it!
I will randomly select 2 winners and post them here on Monday, Dec 15th.

18. Jun 2008

Muji accordion file folder update

Another eco-friendly muji style accordion file folder…

Another muji style memo pocket

Another muji style memo pocket

Another muji style memo pocket

Made from recycled packing paper envelopes and bound in recycled packing paper. Available in my etsy shop http://kasaa.etsy.com

5. Jun 2008

Muji style accordion file folder

A few weeks ago I stumbled upon the term and concept of Muji at the MoMA Online Store.

„The name „MUJI“ is derived from the Japanese phrase „Mujirushi Ryohin,“ meaning „No Brand Goods.“ Over the last 20 years, they have developed a worldwide following with a guiding philosophy that emphasizes innovative and simple materials, processes, and packaging. The resulting products are streamlined, environmentally friendly, and beautiful in their simplicity.“

Muji Stationery

These beautiful desk and stationery products inspired me to make a „muji style memo pocket“ – similar to the airmail memo pocket – using envelopes from brown recycling paper and leaving the cardboard uncovered.

Muji style accordion file folder

Accordion file folder

Accordion file folder

24. Mai 2008

Airmail envelope accordion file folder

I recently discovered this beautiful upcycled envelope book over at tulibri’s blog. This and the envelope accordion howto I posted a while back ago brought me to the idea of making a memo pocket book out of envelopes. Instead of upcycling (I’ll try that some other time), I chose to use these cute airmail envelopes I brought back from thailand.

Memo pocket book made from airmail envelopes

I made 5 pockets by glueing the envelopes shut and then cutting them open on the side. Then I used two enevelopes that I cut completely open to use for the covers. They’re not quite as durable as the memo pockets I usually do, but I think they’re kind of cute and lots of fun to make – so I might make some more to sell at my etsy shop.

Airmail envelopes accordion file folder

Accordion file folder made from airmail envelopes

5. Apr 2008

Travel Journal

I’ll be off to Thailand tomorrow for 3 weeks (!!!) so I decided to make myself a travel journal. The last time I was in thailand about 5 years ago I started to write a travel journal but I was just too lazy to keep going. Now I really regret it, because I can’t remember all the places we stayed at. So this time I want to make sure, I’ll document all the great places we see and things we do (I’m definitely gonna take a thai cooking class this time!!).

Travel journal - work in progress

Handmade travel journal

Handmade travel journal
I used all kinds of different papers – mostly in oranges and pinks to match the cover.

Handmade travel journal
I printed several pages to use as a daily journal.

Accordion file folders travel journal
And in the back I added 3 memo pockets to keep papers and cards. I did a little experiment by cutting them which turned out pretty nice.

You can find some more pics in my flickr set at http://www.flickr.com/photos/kasaa/sets/72157604398289016/

So bye for now and check back in May – I’m sure there’ll be lots of beautiful paper stuff and pics from the trip to post.

21. Mrz 2008

New memo pockets in the making

I’ve been really busy lately cutting, folding and gluing lots of pockets for my memo pockets, which is actually the thing I like least about making them. But now I have about 60 single pockets ready and I can enjoy the fun part – choosing paper for the covers, creating the covers and – best of all – putting everything together.

These are the first two I finished and I will be adding them to my etsy shop soon:

New memo pockets for my etsy shop
I must admit I never really liked the color orange nor did I had a thing for pink, but a few years ago I found these crazy orange and pink colored sneakers and I couldn’t resist this strange combination. I think I wore them for about 2 years uninterruptedly until they fell apart. So when I saw this paper I had to think about them and I couldn’t resist either. I’m also making a little blank book to correspond, so I might add them as a set.

New memo pockets for my etsy shop
In contrast I created this very natural uni colored memo pocket in light beige book linen.

19. Feb 2008

Yeay – new patterned papers arrived…

… and I can’t wait to use them.

9. Feb 2008

Memo pockets with book cloth

I started using book cloth for my memo pockets and I’m really happy with the results. I did one set of memo pockets covered completely in book cloth and for the inside I used some really nice gift wrap:

Book cloth memo pockets

After that I tried several combinations – even though I was in doubt wether they’d look good – and I’m completely overwhelmed by the results:

Book cloth memo pockets
Book cloth memo pockets