17. Jan 2010

Hello 2010

Patterns of Amsterdam
Patterns of Amsterdam

Slowly it’s time to wake up the blog from its winter sleep. I spent the whole friday evening and most of saturday going through piles of photos from 2009. I uploaded almost 400 of them to flickr and even though there’s still quite a pile left, it feels very good to be finally catching up.

We started the new year in the Netherlands with a group of friends, which was absolutely wonderful. We also spent an afternoon in Amsterdam and since I don’t have any new craft projcts to share yet, I thought I could just show you some of the lovely patterns I found there.

What are your new year resolutions for 2010? One of mine is to try and take less photos.

Wishing you all a happy new year and a lovely week!

30. May 2009

Paper Collection at the German National Library

Today while searching for book end papers I discovered an amazing and inspiring paper collection “Sammlung Bartsch” on the german national library website. It includes lithographic prints, book end papers as well as paste papers (not sure how to translate Tunk- und Kleisterpapiere) from all over the world:

Book End Paper - D. Voigt & Co., Kopenhagen, 1906
Book End Paper / Vorsatzpapier – D. Voigt & Co., Kopenhagen, 1906

Tunkpapier - Trepplin, Georg, Berlin,-Rixdorf, 1909
Tunkpapier – Trepplin, Georg, Berlin,-Rixdorf, 1909

Book End Paper / Vorsatzpapier – Hoffmann, Josef, Wien, 1902