21. Nov 2010

How to make a wooden masking tape dispenser

Handmade wooden tape dispenser

Who doesn’t love masking tapes? These days it seems like they’re everywhere and I tried to find a good way to organize my little collection. So last week I built a wooden tape dispenser to hold them and I thought you might like to build one too. This one can hold up to 7 rolls of masking tape – but you can also built a larger one…

Handmade wooden tape dispenser

What you need
– wood (12 x 28 cm, 12 mm thick / 5 x 11 inches, 0.5 inches thick)
– a rod with 2,5 mm (1 inch), 16 cm long (6.4 inches)
– a rod with 6 mm (0.3 inches), 16 cm long (6.4 inches)
– 6 nails
– wood glue

– saw
– hammer
– drill

Step 1: Cut the wood in 3 pieces: the bottom and the two side panels.

Handmade wooden tape dispenser

Step 2: Draw the side panel slots on both side panel and cut.

Handmade wooden tape dispenser

Step 3: Mark the position for the small rod and drill the holes.

Step 4: Mark the position for the side panels on the bottom and hammer the nails through the bottom into the side panels.

Step 5: Put some glue in the holes and insert the small rod.

Step 6: Put your masking tapes on the larger rod and put in place.

Handmade wooden tape dispenser

Voila! There you have your own wooden tape dispenser.
If you like, you can also paint it.

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8. Dez 2008

DIY Memo pockets kit – Give away

A few weeks back Sandrine put this idea in my head of making a do-it-yourself memo pockets craft kit.

Handmade memo pockets in a row

We had some discussions about it on flickr, I thought it through, then started to write down instructions and started to do tons of illustrations and…

DIY Memo pocket kit illustration

… finally this last weekend I put everything together – So I’m happy to say the memo pockets kit is (almost) finished – yeay!

Handmade memo pockets in a row

This kit is for a small memo pocket with 5 pockets:
Outside: 5 3/4″ by 4 1/4″ (14.5 x 10.5 cm)
Pockets: 5.6″ by 4.05″ (14.2 x 10.3 cm)

Besides illustrated step-by-step instructions each kit includes:
> Cardstock sheets for 5 pockets
> Cardboard covers
> Decorative paper for the cover
> Ribbon
> Bookbinding glue
> Glueing template

BUT, there’s still one very import thing missing: it needs to be tested and as I would probaby not be the best candidate, i thought I’d post a fab little testing give away!

The first kit – of course – goes to Sandrine for giving me the idea and lots of helpful feedback – thanx so much Sandrine! BUT I wanna give away 3, so there are 2 more for you to get!

So for your chance to get one of these kits, please leave a comment answering these 3 little questions until Sunday, Dec 14th 9pm GMT (5pm EST):

1) What would you use your memo pockets for?
2) What are your top 3 colour combinations from the above image?
3) What would be a fair price to sell this kit for?

Important: Please only participate if you agree to test the kit and give me some feedback how it worked for you within 4 weeks after you received it!
I will randomly select 2 winners and post them here on Monday, Dec 15th.

22. Mrz 2008

Link Tip: Envelope Accordion How To

I just discovered this great tutorial on how to create an accordion folder using simple envelopes – what a great idea. I’ll have to try this tonight.

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