15. Jun 2010

Etsy Craft Picnic Meetup in Cologne

Selber-Machen-Tag in Köln am 18.06.2010

(This is a copy of my original german post inviting everyone to our little etsy craft picnic /party thingy in Cologne. Looking forward to see you there!)

Nach einigem fußballbedingten Location-Hinundher haben wir (Nicki, Kathrin, Britta & ich) nun endlich einen offiziellen Plan für den Selber-Machen-Tag am Freitag (18.06.2010) in Köln:

Ab 18 Uhr treffen wir uns auf der Wiese im Stadtgarten – ihr erkennt uns an Fähnchengirlanden & Lampions. Wer Lust hat, kann Stempel basteln – wir bringen alles mit was man dazu braucht (und freuen uns über einen kleinen Unkostenbeitrag und freuen uns sehr, dass Etsy die Stempel-Aktion sponsort!). Ihr könnt aber auch gerne zum Stricken, Häkeln oder einfach nur zum Quatschen & Kennenlernen vorbei kommen!

Und wenn jeder noch eine Kleinigkeit zum Essen & Trinken mitbringt, steht einem perfekten DIY-Picknik eigentlich nichts mehr im Wege.
Wir freuen uns!

27. Apr 2010

and suddenly you meet all these people


Wow. So I’m back from Berlin. And after a week has passed now, everything is slowly getting back to normal. The most amazing thing about Berlin was meeting all these wonderful people. Mostly people I’ve only "known" virtually before, from reading their blogs or tweets, communicating through blog comments, mails or virtual labs – and sometimes not even that.

But also one very special old friend from school who I hadn’t seen for almost 10 years – and her sweet little newborn daughter. There we sat on swinging chairs in the sun, talking, eating and drinking. Catching up.
Has it really been that long?


We take the tube and just half an hour later I sit in Etsy’s new Berlin office – chatting with Benedikta, Matt and Marie. Thinking that it’s been about 4 years since I registered my first account on etsy and discovered this whole new craft world from there – sometimes visiting the virtual labs – but never really expecting to meet anyone in person. And now they’re in Berlin, putting together a handmade office, getting to know the german community – and I sooo can’t wait for etsy.com to finally "speak" german.


Wednesday the re:publica starts. We oversleep. We meet friends from Cologne and have yummie red wine for lunch on crocheted pillow in a cozy italian restaurant.


On thursday we watch Bre talking and later demonstrating the MakerBot. Wow, would someone buy me one? And maybe a laser cutter too?

Later at the beautiful Café Fleury I enjoy a lovely "Kaffeekränzchen" with Nadja a.k.a. Smil, who makes really cool screenprinted t-shirts and bags (Ahoikatze rocks! Oh and don’t miss her screenprinting-workshop at the Etsy Lab) and Sabrina of Small Caps, who designs and prints the most beautiful letterpress cards and journals. I wish I had had more time…


Friday I’m very very happy that Tatiana a.k.a. Fräulein Herz is back in town and between two intersting re:publica talks we sit in her lovely new shop talking and eating yummie cookies surrounded by wonderful bags, pillows and ribbons.

Somewhere in between I visit Frau Tulpe, discover some other lovely things and places (I might tell you about later), take tons of photos, we move from one hostel to another and suddenly we’re on a train back home…

Overwhelmed with impressions. And a bit sorry about some people I didn’t meet – and about being too shy to say Hi to some others…


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10. Apr 2010

Packing for Berlin

paperama cards

I’m in the middle of packing and off to Berlin tomorrow – looking forward to meet some old friends, listen to some interesting talks and meet some people at the re:publica conference, take tons of photos and eat lots of yummie food.

I finally ordered some cards to take with me to Berlin but looks like they won’t arrive until monday, so I made some myself last night – well, at least they’re handmade now.

Unfortuanetly I missed the great Etsy Party by just a few days, but who knows, maybe I’ll be able to stop by and at least say Hi. I’m also hoping to be able to visit Fräulein Herz when she gets back to her shop on the 16th – doesn’t it look lovely? And there are some more wonderful things on my list: like visiting Paul Knopf and Frau Tulpe, having a coffee at Café Fleury and a piece of cake at Barcomis. And maybe some Berlin paper-shopping at RSVP, Leporello and Schwesterherz.

And maybe you have some more tipps for me? Any wonderful Papeterie I shouldn’t miss? Or a fleamarket? I’d love to hear from you.


21. Jan 2010

A new addition to my yellow wall

Yellow wall - yellow art prints
Yellow wall - yellow art prints

For Christmas I got a wonderful new print for my yellow wall:
the „Spore Twins“ by Daphne Cellophane.

I think it will go perfectly in the top right corner, now I just need
to find a new black frame. Or actually three.

On flickr you can see by which artists they are.

20. Jan 2010

New year, new tape: airmail ♥ tape

Airmail paper tape
Airmail paper tape

How amazing is this airmail tape? Besides my airmail postcards I’ve honestly been planning to have tape like this made for quite a while and already did some research, but it’s so expensive. So I was very very happy to find this wonderful airmail tape in PrettyTape’s etsy shop.

And doesn’t it look perfect with these wonderful brown kraftpaper bags that Marigold gave me? Thanks again dear! I really think I’m in need of some penpals…

21. Nov 2009

A second kraftpaper book for boys

Kraftpaper journal by paperama
Kraftpaper journal by paperama
Kraftpaper journal by paperama

I made a very simple A4 journal as a birthday present for one of my best friends from college a while back, using black booklinen for the spine and natural brown kraftpaper for the covers.

I called it „book for boys“ because I restrained (?) from using any of my patterned papers. Today I finished a second almost identical kraftpaper journal. I think I might add it to the shop tomorrow . It’s in the shop.

Liesan was wondering where to find grey elastics, I got it here.

30. Aug 2009

Finally – the diy kit is in the shop

In terms of crafting I’ve been rather lazy these last months. But I finally managed to finish the diy kit and list it in the shop. After loosing quiet some stuff including the print files due to a hard drive crash it took me some time to recreate the instructions.

Handmade memo pockets in a row

But now it’s in the shop and I also added quiet a number of additional pattern and color options today:

Handmade memo pockets in a row

Handmade memo pockets in a row

If you want to see some finished memo pockets made from my diy kits, check out this blogpost on Dwaallicht’s blog (Thanx Liesan!) or these photos by Sandrine (Thanx so much dear!).

Handmade memo pockets in a row

The kit will let you make a small memo pocket with 5 compartments measuring approx. 5.6″ by 4.0″ (14.2 x 10.3 cm). Besides an illustrated step-by-step instruction each kit includes:
– Decorative paper for the cover
– Matching Cardstock sheets for the pockets
– Cardboard covers
– Bookbinding glue
– Glueing template
– Matching ribbon

In addition all you’ll need is a cutter, a cutting mat and a paint brush. You can find the diy kit here in my etsy shop – I will hopefully also soon finish the german instructions and reactivate my little Dawanda shop.

29. Apr 2009

The yellow wall is up…

All my yellow art finds are finally up on the wall again.

After I took them back home from my old office, they are now above the table in my open kitchen/living room with some new additions. Some still aren’t framed yet, because I’m trying to get as many differently looking frames as possible – though without frames it doesn’t look too bad either…

These amazing pieces are from the fabulous Nancy Mungcal of Pretty little thieves. You can also find her wonderful artwork on etsy. While you’re there, you might want to visit her Drawing for a cure section, where she supports a fundraising campaign for the Leukemia and Lymphoma Society.

3. Nov 2008

I’m moving – Help me empty my shop

So after lots of thinking back and forth I finally decided to move my etsy shop from http://kasaa.etsy.com to a new home next sunday Nov 9th: http://paperama.etsy.com.

If you’re looking for some nice handmade paper goods – for yourself or maybe as a christmas present for someone special – you can help me get my shop empty so there’s less to move for me 🙂 I’m offering a 10% discount on everything in my old shop.

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19. Okt 2008

Etsy finds: Ribbon, trim and linen band

I’ve been searching for some nice trim or ribbon to use for a new envelope book with transparent envelopes – inspired by this image from a bookbinding book, that I’ve blogged about before.

So I spent some time searching etsy and thought I’d share my finds:

These are some wonderful japanese linen ribbons and bands from cottonblue:

alittlegoodness, who was so kind to find me a copy of the bookbinding book, also offers a great selection of fabulous natural japanese bands:

Denarella has some beautiful sets with vintage trims like this one

I found lots of beautiful vintage lace at theginghamgirl’s shop

and this really cool green vintage floral cotton tape at shirly’s etsy shop

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