22. Jul 2008

Paper Animation Kits

I discovered Flying Pig who offer these awesome paper animation kits via BoingBoing a while back.

Dancing Diplodocus

Mexican Peck

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18. Jul 2008

Upcycled Edgar Journals

I finally found a way to put those cool edgar postcards to use that I have been collecting for more than 10 years. Edgar cards are free postcards that you can find in many bars and clubs in germany. Some have advertising on them, some are designed by the company who distributes them and some have art prints on them.

Upcycled Cowboys journal

I cut them to form a kind of register and filled them with all kinds of papers – some blank, some lined, some checkered, some white and some colored – to make writing lots of fun.

Upcycled edgar journals

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17. Jul 2008

Airmail journals and stickers

I haven’t posted in a while, but I’ve been experimenting and working on some new stuff lately – I guess I was getting a bit bored of doing only memo pockets.

I just love the color combination of airmail envelopes and stickers. It always reminds me of my holidays in France years back when I was still school. So after making some airmail accordion file folders using envelopes I started to design some airmail stickers for myself to use for shipping my orders. These are my favorites – they’re also available in my shop

Airmail stickers

I also made some cute little airmail travel journals in red and blue. They all have a 1 inch hole punched in the cover which reveals the airmail sticker on the first page.

Blue Airmail travel journals

RedAirmail travel journals

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24. May 2008

Airmail envelope accordion file folder

I recently discovered this beautiful upcycled envelope book over at tulibri’s blog. This and the envelope accordion howto I posted a while back ago brought me to the idea of making a memo pocket book out of envelopes. Instead of upcycling (I’ll try that some other time), I chose to use these cute airmail envelopes I brought back from thailand.

Memo pocket book made from airmail envelopes

I made 5 pockets by glueing the envelopes shut and then cutting them open on the side. Then I used two enevelopes that I cut completely open to use for the covers. They’re not quite as durable as the memo pockets I usually do, but I think they’re kind of cute and lots of fun to make – so I might make some more to sell at my etsy shop.

Airmail envelopes accordion file folder

Accordion file folder made from airmail envelopes

5. Apr 2008

Travel Journal

I’ll be off to Thailand tomorrow for 3 weeks (!!!) so I decided to make myself a travel journal. The last time I was in thailand about 5 years ago I started to write a travel journal but I was just too lazy to keep going. Now I really regret it, because I can’t remember all the places we stayed at. So this time I want to make sure, I’ll document all the great places we see and things we do (I’m definitely gonna take a thai cooking class this time!!).

Travel journal - work in progress

Handmade travel journal

Handmade travel journal
I used all kinds of different papers – mostly in oranges and pinks to match the cover.

Handmade travel journal
I printed several pages to use as a daily journal.

Accordion file folders travel journal
And in the back I added 3 memo pockets to keep papers and cards. I did a little experiment by cutting them which turned out pretty nice.

You can find some more pics in my flickr set at http://www.flickr.com/photos/kasaa/sets/72157604398289016/

So bye for now and check back in May – I’m sure there’ll be lots of beautiful paper stuff and pics from the trip to post.

22. Mar 2008

Link Tip: Envelope Accordion How To

I just discovered this great tutorial on how to create an accordion folder using simple envelopes – what a great idea. I’ll have to try this tonight.

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21. Mar 2008

Book Review: Handmade Bookmaking by Yo Yamazaki

I discovered this great inspiring japanese book on bookbinding a while on etsy. It sold out before I could get a copy but luckily alittlegoodness recently found a copy for me. The instructions are in japenese, but there are lots of detailed drawings and the featured books are just amazing.

ISBN 978-4-579-20970-5

21. Mar 2008

New memo pockets in the making

I’ve been really busy lately cutting, folding and gluing lots of pockets for my memo pockets, which is actually the thing I like least about making them. But now I have about 60 single pockets ready and I can enjoy the fun part – choosing paper for the covers, creating the covers and – best of all – putting everything together.

These are the first two I finished and I will be adding them to my etsy shop soon:

New memo pockets for my etsy shop
I must admit I never really liked the color orange nor did I had a thing for pink, but a few years ago I found these crazy orange and pink colored sneakers and I couldn’t resist this strange combination. I think I wore them for about 2 years uninterruptedly until they fell apart. So when I saw this paper I had to think about them and I couldn’t resist either. I’m also making a little blank book to correspond, so I might add them as a set.

New memo pockets for my etsy shop
In contrast I created this very natural uni colored memo pocket in light beige book linen.

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6. Mar 2008

Etsy treasury: Black and white felt beauties

I just created a treasury on etsy with beautiful black and white items made from or partly with felt.

(1) Paper Airplane by ddrakedesign
(2) Blackbird and Tree set of 2 fabric pins by inmybackyard
(2) Black butterfly on felt by kutz

(4) Felted Ball – Snowing in the city earrings black by betsy3
(5) Grey Squirrel pin by lupin
(6) Felted Ball – Snowing in the city earrings by betsy3

(7) Spring Sale – The Black Circles Pillow by thelittlestitch
(8) Kanji the Ninja Cat by sewmanycats
(9) Spring Sale – The Leaf and Print Pillow by thelittlestitch

(10) Black and White Vintage Flapper Girl Brooch by OIive
(11) Gerald — NOT thinking of you bunny by hamster
(12) Spots and Stripes by trinkettree


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9. Feb 2008

Memo pockets with book cloth

I started using book cloth for my memo pockets and I’m really happy with the results. I did one set of memo pockets covered completely in book cloth and for the inside I used some really nice gift wrap:

Book cloth memo pockets

After that I tried several combinations – even though I was in doubt wether they’d look good – and I’m completely overwhelmed by the results:

Book cloth memo pockets
Book cloth memo pockets

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