20. Jan 2010

New year, new tape: airmail ♥ tape

Airmail paper tape
Airmail paper tape

How amazing is this airmail tape? Besides my airmail postcards I’ve honestly been planning to have tape like this made for quite a while and already did some research, but it’s so expensive. So I was very very happy to find this wonderful airmail tape in PrettyTape’s etsy shop.

And doesn’t it look perfect with these wonderful brown kraftpaper bags that Marigold gave me? Thanks again dear! I really think I’m in need of some penpals…

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7. Dec 2009

New Airmail postcards – We have winners

Drawing a winner
Drawing a winner

Thanks to everyone for making my day with so many wonderful comments and tweets. And yeay – we have 3 winners:
- iamampersand
- ben
- randyhate

Congratulations! I’ll contact you in a sec to get your adresses.

And for everyone who didn’t win or was too late to participate – I have the feeling there might be another little giveaway soon for some little journals I’m currently working on…

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6. Dec 2009

New Airmail postcards – Giveaway

Airmail postcard: Moustache
Airmail postcards photo frame
Blank Airmail postcards pack
Airmail postcard: Rain drops and clouds
Airmail postcards pack packaging
Airmail postcard: Hello

I’m so excited to finally post about my airmail postcards. They’re the first thing I ever had printed and I’m superhappy with how they turned out.

Some of you probably know that I’m a bit obsessed with everything airmail (you’re invited to join my airmail flickr group, if you feel the same). A while back I cut out a striped airmail frame and it’s been sitting on my desk waiting to be made into something – until one day I looked at it and thought how fabulous it would be to have a simple airmail framed postcard that you can draw on or cut out or or or…

There are so many things you can do with them, so I’m pretty sure you’ll come up with a lot more creative uses… Last night I had lots of fun making little postcard packs to put in the shops – you can find them here or hier.

Or win one of two airmail postcard packs with 5 cards by doing one of the following until Monday (Dec 7th) 10 a.m. german time (that’s 4 a.m. New York time / EST) :
- leaving a comment with a valid e-mail-adress
- or (re)tweeting the link http://tinyurl.com/airmail-postcard