21. Nov 2010

How to make a wooden masking tape dispenser

Handmade wooden tape dispenser

Who doesn’t love masking tapes? These days it seems like they’re everywhere and I tried to find a good way to organize my little collection. So last week I built a wooden tape dispenser to hold them and I thought you might like to build one too. This one can hold up to 7 rolls of masking tape – but you can also built a larger one…

Handmade wooden tape dispenser

What you need
– wood (12 x 28 cm, 12 mm thick / 5 x 11 inches, 0.5 inches thick)
– a rod with 2,5 mm (1 inch), 16 cm long (6.4 inches)
– a rod with 6 mm (0.3 inches), 16 cm long (6.4 inches)
– 6 nails
– wood glue

– saw
– hammer
– drill

Step 1: Cut the wood in 3 pieces: the bottom and the two side panels.

Handmade wooden tape dispenser

Step 2: Draw the side panel slots on both side panel and cut.

Handmade wooden tape dispenser

Step 3: Mark the position for the small rod and drill the holes.

Step 4: Mark the position for the side panels on the bottom and hammer the nails through the bottom into the side panels.

Step 5: Put some glue in the holes and insert the small rod.

Step 6: Put your masking tapes on the larger rod and put in place.

Handmade wooden tape dispenser

Voila! There you have your own wooden tape dispenser.
If you like, you can also paint it.

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1. Nov 2010

Pretty distracted

Lately I’ve been distracted with so many new crafts. I learned knitting and started making my own knitting patterns – cute little owls and a mini moustache baby sweater that I also sell on etsy and ravelry. Besides that I’ve made several stamps and tried new materials like Sugru and concrete.

So it’s rather quiet here at the moment but you can visit my personal blog for more frequent updates if you like.

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