Nachtbazar - Alte Fabrik, Siegburg
herzensart beim Nachtbazar - Alte Fabrik, Siegburg

Studio von herzensart und bogi bell beim Nachtbazar

Little Britain von herzensart - Nachtbazar - Alte Fabrik, Siegburg

Vikinger by herzensart - Nachtbazar - Alte Fabrik, Siegburg

Bogis old camera - Nachtbazar - Alte Fabrik, Siegburg
Viking Stamp by herzensart - Nachtbazar - Alte Fabrik, Siegburg
Linocut printed house business card by Anne Meyer - Nachtbazar

I love these rare occassions when you actually get to meet some crafters in real life, and talk and laugh – instead of mailing and commenting on each others blogs and photos. So it’s been wonderful to visit the little Nachtbazar at the old factory (”Alte Fabrik”) in Siegburg last night where Sandra (herzensart) and bogi bell have their studio.

Sandra also gave us a little tour through their studio and it was nice to see how they have rearranged it since I saw it at the open studio days last spring and all the beautiful new things they made. And she insisted on giving me one her supercute viking stamps – thank you sooo much Sandra! We’ve already had lots of fun with it today.

I also got to meet Anne Meyer who makes the sweetest Lino Cut prints of houses she discovered in the Netherlands on her last visit there. I forgot to take a photo – but i took one today showing her printed business card – and you can see a lot more on her blog

Hope you’re having a lovely weekend!