9. Jun 2009

Bookreview: "Printing by Hand" by Lena Corwin

A couple of weeks ago I ordered Lena Corwin’s wonderful book “Printing by Hand”.

Printing by Hand (by Lena Corwin)
First of all as a booklover and crafter I have to say that I love this type of binding where the book has a hardcover with spine and a “hidden” ringbinding inside: It looks beautiful and is practical as it stays open.

Printing by Hand (by Lena Corwin)
After the detailed “Getting ready to print” guide Lena Corwin explains the techniques of Stamping, Stenciling and Screen Printing each in a separate chapter with lots of tipps and inspiring examples.

Printing by Hand (by Lena Corwin)
She also covers all the materials and tools needed for printing.

Printing by Hand (by Lena Corwin)
The instructions are visualized with great step by step photos.

Printing by Hand (by Lena Corwin)
And the patterns and designs shown in the book are included in an envelope in the back of the book.

Can’t wait to get started!

7. Jun 2009

Impressions from Le Bloc Cologne 07.06.2009

It was a very rainy day yesterday, but I was really glad that my collegue persuaded me to visit Le Bloc – a fashion and design event in one of the most beautiful & creative quarters of Cologne. I thought I’d share a few impressions:

Some supercute girls dresses at Blutsgeschwister, which reminds me that I’ll definetly have to sew myself another skirt or even a dress this summer.

I always love browsing stores that sort the clothes by colour. And I wasn’t the only one, as Magasin Populaire was completely crowded when we got there.

I also found the perfect sneakers there called “Hui Li Warriors” except the smallest size didn’t fit me :-( They are traditional chinese sneakers who gained popularity again through The Book of Warriors students project by Shumeng Ye.

And we found tons of cute stuff at Boutique Frau Kayser, like these fabric covered buttons.

Too bad that it was so rainy, I really hope there’ll be a second time with better weather.

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