On Sunday we went to see my bf’s family and his mum took me to this lovely store in Lohmar called Lieblingsstücke (that’s german for favorite pieces. I had heard so much about it and was lucky that it was open last weekend because of the village fair.

Lieblingsstuecke Lohmar - Blue and yellow shutters

Lieblingsstuecke Lohmar - Blue and yellow shutters

The house with its wonderful yellow and blue shutters somehow made me think of Astrid Lindgren and Bullerbü.

Lieblingsstuecke Lohmar - Ribbons

I couldn’t resist all these beautiful ribbons and bought some of the red & white one.

Lieblingsstuecke Lohmar - Chandelier and RikRak wall deco

If you look closely you can see the red RikRak on the wall – isn’t that a cute detail?

Lieblingsstuecke Lohmar - Pirate felt purse

Lieblingsstuecke Lohmar - Cute animal rattles

There were soo many fabulous things to discover. So I’ll definitely have to stop by again. If you like you can check out the Lieblingsstücke website and also order online.