A few weeks back Sandrine put this idea in my head of making a do-it-yourself memo pockets craft kit.

Handmade memo pockets in a row

We had some discussions about it on flickr, I thought it through, then started to write down instructions and started to do tons of illustrations and…

DIY Memo pocket kit illustration

… finally this last weekend I put everything together – So I’m happy to say the memo pockets kit is (almost) finished – yeay!

Handmade memo pockets in a row

This kit is for a small memo pocket with 5 pockets:
Outside: 5 3/4″ by 4 1/4″ (14.5 x 10.5 cm)
Pockets: 5.6″ by 4.05″ (14.2 x 10.3 cm)

Besides illustrated step-by-step instructions each kit includes:
> Cardstock sheets for 5 pockets
> Cardboard covers
> Decorative paper for the cover
> Ribbon
> Bookbinding glue
> Glueing template

BUT, there’s still one very import thing missing: it needs to be tested and as I would probaby not be the best candidate, i thought I’d post a fab little testing give away!

The first kit – of course – goes to Sandrine for giving me the idea and lots of helpful feedback – thanx so much Sandrine! BUT I wanna give away 3, so there are 2 more for you to get!

So for your chance to get one of these kits, please leave a comment answering these 3 little questions until Sunday, Dec 14th 9pm GMT (5pm EST):

1) What would you use your memo pockets for?
2) What are your top 3 colour combinations from the above image?
3) What would be a fair price to sell this kit for?

Important: Please only participate if you agree to test the kit and give me some feedback how it worked for you within 4 weeks after you received it!
I will randomly select 2 winners and post them here on Monday, Dec 15th.