I have had such a fabulous week! Last sunday I successfully moved my shop to paperama.etsy.com. I was a bit worried and scared, but I must say it worked out really great: I received a huge order only a couple of hours after I started listing in my new shop and I already got an amazing number of 140 hearts for my new shop in just one week!

How to brighten up your photos

One reason for that is probably that my first ever tutorial on How to brighten up your photos that I originally posted on flickr has been published on the Storque thanx to daniellexo. If you try the tutorial I’d love to see your results – you can share them in this flickr group as well as post questions there, if you have trouble editing your photos.

Another thing that made my week was that I discovered a wonderful singer called Lenka – she has an awesome website with great wallpapers. I’m totally in love with the art work and could listen to her song “Trouble is a friend” on repeat for hours.

mia NECK/NECKLACE grey and yellow flowers

And I’m really excited about my latest purchase – I’ve been a huge fan and frequent visitor of emmapardos etsy shop for a while and simply couldn’t resist this beautiful neck thingie!


The thing that made my week completely perfect was that I took my courage to ask about an exhibition in my favorite cafe called Vreiheit (that’s like Vreedom in english) and they said YES! I’m sooooo excited. They have tables that are covered with glas panes and work is exhibited inside of the tables, by a different artist every months. The date isn’t fixed yes – but it’s probably going to be in February. I’ll need the time to prepare as I have to fill 20 tables… OMG. This will be sooo much fun.


And last but not least I’m going on vacation tomorrow. I’ll fly to Abu Dhabi to visit my parents, who moved there almost a year ago and I’m excited to see them and Dubai and Al Ain and being in the sun and taking tons of pictures and visit a camel market and and and… Which reminds me, that I should get back to washing and packing like right now.