I recently discovered this beautiful upcycled envelope book over at tulibri’s blog. This and the envelope accordion howto I posted a while back ago brought me to the idea of making a memo pocket book out of envelopes. Instead of upcycling (I’ll try that some other time), I chose to use these cute airmail envelopes I brought back from thailand.

Memo pocket book made from airmail envelopes

I made 5 pockets by glueing the envelopes shut and then cutting them open on the side. Then I used two enevelopes that I cut completely open to use for the covers. They’re not quite as durable as the memo pockets I usually do, but I think they’re kind of cute and lots of fun to make – so I might make some more to sell at my etsy shop.

Airmail envelopes accordion file folder

Accordion file folder made from airmail envelopes