Well, I’ve been thinking about starting a blog several times in the last years, but never really knew what to write about. But now I think I finally found something…

Since I can remember as a kid I have painted and crafted. I was crazy about colors and glue. And I can still remember the first time in kindergarden I got scissors in my hands. Back then all my clothes were stained with paint. I took lots of art classes during school and after I finished I wanted to go into graphics design, so I went to art school. Though I quit after a year, because I just didn’t enjoy designing „under pressure“.

After that I studied media engineering and didn’t really do much art/craft things for a long time. But several months ago I’ve started crafting again and discovered all these papers, scribbling pads, acrylic paints, cutters… – I always kept them, although lots of the paints had dried it was great to go through all those things. I’ve tried lots of things, since I found interest again. I did some sewing and woodcrafting, then I bought this terrific book on bookbinding and like everything one needs for bookbinding and I got really totally hooked.

I’ve always been crazy about paper and beautiful patterns and I had this addiction on collecting beautiful blank books (without ever actually using Post veröffentlichen them). So this is what I’m planning to blog about: wonderful patterns and paper products.